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Clinton Power Supply

The Village of Clinton is a member of the Michigan South Central Power Agency (MSCPA) of which Coldwater, Hillsdale, and Marshall, Michigan are also members. MSCPA is an organization formed to provide power for the benefit of its members.

MSCPA supplies complete electrical power requirements to its members from various member owned resources, purchased power agreements, AMP, energy market purchases and from member communities generators.

The electrical energy is "wheeled" to the individual members from the various locations via Consumers Energy’s and DECO's transmission systems. MSCPA has purchased rights to certain Consumers Energy transmission facilities and therefore, there are no wheeling charges for energy transmitted through the Consumers Energy system. Since similar transmission facilities were not purchased from DECO, Clinton pays a wheeling charge for all energy received except for energy actually purchased from DECO.

Interconnection Circuits

The Village is served at 40,000 volts (40 KV) by two Detroit Edison Company interconnection circuits. DECO's Circuit No. Trunk Line 6508 originates at their Saline substation and feeds Clinton's Substation No. 1 and a transformer at Ramsay. DECO's Circuit No. 3124 originates at their Carpenter Substation and feeds Clinton's Substation No. 2 and transformers at Kaiser, Macon, Ramsay, and Southern Michigan Rural Electric Cooperative.

Clinton’s Substations

Clinton has two substations designated Substation No. 1 and Substation No. 2. The   substations are fed from separate DECO 40 KV circuits. The substations are interconnected with two 4.16 KV tie circuits. Automatic transfer equipment automatically switches the Village's load between the two substations should one of the DECO 40 KV circuits fail.

The Clinton Substation  No. 1 is located adjacent to the generating station at the south end of River Street. Transformer No. 1 was installed in 1979 and is rated three phase, 40/4.16 KV, 5,000 KVA with a load tap changer (LTC) for voltage regulation. Transformer No. 3 was installed in 1967 and is rated three phase, 40/4.16 KV, 10,000 KVA, with a load tap changer (LTC) for voltage regulation.  Both transformer secondary circuits are connected via underground cable circuits, to the 4.16 KV metalclad distribution switchgear. Each of the incoming 40 KV circuits is metered on the secondary side of the 40/4.16 KV transformers.

The Clinton Substation No. 2, which was installed in 1989, is located southwest of the generating station. The substation consists of a dead end structure for the DECO 40 KV incoming circuit (Trunk Line 3124), one (1) transformer, metering equipment for the incoming 40 KV circuit and metalclad distribution switchgear.

Substation No. 1 and Substation No. 2 are interconnected at the 4.16 KV voltage level by two (2) circuits consisting of a normal tie circuit and an emergency tie circuit. Each circuit consists of overhead sections and underground cable sections.