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10/04/2018 - WWTP Superintendent Job Posting

10/04/2018 - WWTP Superintendent Job Posting

WWTP Superintendent.  The Village of Clinton, Lenawee County, Michigan, is a community with a population of 2,336, seeking a WWTP Superintendent. The Village’s 2006 activated sludge plant was designed to handle 0.425 mgd with a peak rate of 1.2 mgd.  It has an average flow of 0.225 mgd. The MDEQ requires a C-Licensed operator to manage the plant.

The Village just completed extensive 10-year capital improvements and has systematically increased rates the last few years to continue funding the 20-year capital plan. The plant consists of: fine screen, grit removal, two oxidation ditches, two clarifiers, cloth filters, UV, sludge thickening and storage.

The Village is seeking an individual with experience in the management, operation, maintenance, and laboratory procedures to maintain the activated sludge plant. The selected candidate must be capable to submit the required state reports. Applicant must have knowledge of basic chemistry, biology and physical processes to evaluate laboratory tests and adjust the plant processes to meet treatment standards. Applicant should have some experience in budget preparation and control.

Employment Applications are available at the Village Office or on line at http://www.villageofclinton.org/component/jdownloads/send/17-permits-applications/207-village-of-clinton-employment-application

Must submit applications by November 2, 2018. No phone calls.