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04/04/2019 - Brush Pickup

04/04/2019 - Brush Pick Up Program - 1st & 3rd Thursdays




The Village will pick-up brush on the first and third Thursdays, weather and staff permitting, from April through October.  The brush or tree branches must be less than 4-inches in diameter. It must be placed in the yard by the curb for easy access, but not placed in the street. It must be cut in neat, compact, lightweight bundles of no longer than four feet that can be easily picked up by one person and placed in a truck.The Village will pick-up no more than seven bundles per parcel of property each pick-up.Commercial contractors are responsible for disposing of any trees and brush cut from a homeowner's property.Property owners are responsible for disposing of any tree roots, and trees they trim or cut down that have more than seven bundles of brush.Property owners can take leaves, grass clippings, hedge clippings, organic yard and garden materials to the Village compost site on Bartlett Street. Cement, glass, tree roots, tires and other debris is not allowed at the compost site.  Wooden or metal Christmas tree stands must be removed from the tree before being placed for pick-up by Village.