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Water Department

Water Treatment and Distribution System.

The Village of Clinton obtains water for its municipal system from two wells. The water is treated at the well houses with chlorine and a polyphosphate before it enters the distribution system. The chlorine disinfects the water and the polyphosphate is used as a water conditioner to stabilize the water and make it less corrosive. The polyphosphate helps prevent iron and manganese from forming chemical precipitates which cause sediment and discolor water.

The Village’s water system is primarily supplied through well number five which pumps 500 gpm. Well four also pumps 500 gpm with visibly higher iron content.  Both wells are treated at an iron removal plant.

The water tower holds 250,000 gallons and can almost supply a whole days use. 

Water Connection Fees

Residential connection fees will be charged based on the meter size required by each individual unit multiplied by the number of units.  All connection fees for commercial and industrial type uses will be based on the meter size.  Connection fees for water meters larger than 4 inch will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  All increases in meter size will be billed the difference in cost from the current size to the new size.

Drinking Water Reports