119 East Michigan Ave., Clinton, MI 49236  | Phone: 517-456-7494 | Fax: 517-456-6350

Utilities Departments

Electric Department

Clinton Power Supply

The Village of Clinton is a member of the Michigan South Central Power Agency (MSCPA) of which Coldwater, Hillsdale, Marshall, and Union City, Michigan are also members. MSCPA is an organization formed to provide power for the benefit of its members.

Sewer Department

History of Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The original Clinton wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in the 1940's. The plant provided primary treatment consisting of grit removal, primary settling tanks, chlorination, sludge digestion and dewatering of sludge. In the original plant sand and other heavy inorganic solids were removed from the wastewater in the grit chamber. The effluent from the grit chamber entered the primary clarifier where suspended solids settled. The settled water was then chlorinated and discharged to the Raisin River. Settled solids from the clarifiers were digested, then dewatered on sludge drying beds prior to disposal.

Water Department

Water Treatment and Distribution System.

The Village of Clinton obtains water for its municipal system from two wells. The water is treated at the well houses with chlorine and a polyphosphate before it enters the distribution system. The chlorine disinfects the water and the polyphosphate is used as a water conditioner to stabilize the water and make it less corrosive. The polyphosphate helps prevent iron and manganese from forming chemical precipitates which cause sediment and discolor water.