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Brush, Compost, & Recycling Programs

Content about various programs.

Refuse and Recycling Program

Refuse Collection

General Description of Service. The Village of Clinton contracts with Steven's Disposal to haul residential refuse and recycling. The refuse collection is limited to one blue collection container. The contractor will collect normal residential refuse.  The refuse can be placed at curbside after 3:00 PM on Thursday for a Friday collection. The collection day will be delayed one day when there is a holiday.

Bulk item tags (green), and extra garbage bag (yellow) stickers can also be purchased at the Village Office.  These stickers will allow for individual garbage bags, mattresses, small appliances, couches, chairs, and the like to be picked up at curbside.

Detailed Description of Items Collected. Refuse is defined as any and all dead animals of less than 10 pounds in weight except those slaughtered for human consumption; every accumulation of waste (animal, vegetable and/or other matter) that results from preparation, processing, consumption, dealing in, handling, packing, canning, storage, transportation, decay or decomposition of meats, fish, foul, birds, fruits, grains or other animal or vegetable matter (including but not by way of limitation used tin cans and other food containers); and all or easily decomposable waste matter or vegetable matter which is likely to attract flies or rodents); except any matter included in the definition of bulky waste, construction debris, dead animals, hazardous waste, rubbish or stable matter.

Recycling Program

Under a contractual agreement, Steven's Disposal provides weekly residential curbside recycling services.  Click the link below, to see a list of acceptable items:

Sorry, No Commercial Curbside Recycling


Compost and Woodchip Program


The village provides a composting and wood chip program. Those materials are available at no charge for individuals to pick up at the compost site. Arrangements can be made with our DPW department to deliver a load of woodchips to a village residence if coordinated with our brush chipping schedule.  You may email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via phone at 517-456-7494 extension 216.


Brush Pick Up Program

  • The Village will pick-up brush on the first and third Thursdays, weather and staff permitting, from April through October.
  • The brush or tree branches must be less than 4-inches in diameter.  It must be placed in the yard by the curb for easy access, but not placed in the street.  It must be cut in neat, compact, lightweight bundles of no longer than four feet that can be easily picked up by one person and placed in a truck.
  • The Village will pick-up no more than seven bundles per parcel of property each pick-up.
  • Commercial contractors are responsible for disposing of any trees and brush cut from a homeowner's property.
  • Property owners are responsible for disposing of any tree roots, and trees they trim or cut down that have more than seven bundles of brush.
  • Property owners can take leaves, grass clippings, hedge clippings, organic yard and garden materials to the Village compost site on Bartlett Street.  Cement, glass, tree roots, tires and other debris is not allowed at the compost site.
  • Wooden or metal Christmas tree stands must be removed from the tree before being placed for pick-up by Village.